Our Story

Our story

It all started in 1996 when Danyk Sauro saw the potential to create and sell volleyball and beach volleyball clothing in Quebec and in Canada. Having a passion for fashion and sports, Danyk created Kingswear with the help of one of his good college friends, Michel Galarneau. They started by designing multiple logos and models of volleyball clothes. Since the first years, they were present in different beach volleyball events. Kingswear also started to sponsor multiple beach volleyball athletes and a young 16 years old promising beach volleyball player, Annie Martin. This business’ story continues with numerous styles and collections and even more presence in events and tournaments. Until, somewhere in 2004, Kingswear stopped its direct to consumer sales in events but while still doing special orders for volleyball teams. In 2020, two sisters passionate about volleyball and nieces of Danyk, Clara and Alexandra Taillon, decided to restart Kingswear direct to consumer sales using e-commerce. With Either new logos or original styles, Kingswear has been offering quality sportswear for the past 25 years.